10月9日 - 11月6日 進行中!

For those who are not used to photoshop may feel panic when there is an occasion you have to use this software. So why not just take several classes and really get into it?
This is a useful software not only for designers but all of us! Join it now!
photoshop電繪技術課(入門班) Photoshop introductory course
* 2019年11月6日-11日18日(逢星期一三,20:00-22:00 ),8學時
* 學費MOP1,100,出席率達70%可獲發證書,澳門居民可獲補貼學費MOP550(不屬持續進修計劃)
* 課程由澳門基金會資助
* 報名及詳請:
* Class will be held from Nov 6- Nov18 ( Every Mon&Wed, 20:00-22:00), 8hrs
* Tuition fee is MOP1,100, MOP550 will be returned to Macau Resident and certificate will be given if attendance reaches 70%(Not apply to the Continuing Education Development Plan)
* Sponsored by Macau Foundation
* Register and details: